A sort of little Tuscany in the hearth of the Campania region

Ancient Samnium, Campania, Southern ItalyCampania is a region in southern Italy located on the Italian Peninsula with the Tyrrhenian Sea to the west. The region is well known for its beautiful coast with the picturesque seaside villages of Amalfi, Positano, and Sorrento and the small and stunning Flegrean islands such as Capri and Ischia.

Along the coast the city of Napleas is maybe the most famous Italian city all over the world and not only for pizza and gastronomy but also for its rich history, art, culture, architecture, and music. But probably not many people know that there is a lovely and green area in northeast Campania where people still live close to nature in harmony with Mother Earth cultivating their own land and keeping their rich traditions and culture alive.

This place is Samnium (Oscan: Safiniom; Italian: Sannio), an historical region of the south central Apennines in Italy, that was home to the Samnites, a group of Sabellic tribes that controlled the area from about 600 BC to about 290 BC. The principal cities of the region were Bovaiamom, renamed Bovianum by Latins (today: Bojano or Boiano) and Malventum (Maloenton in Oscan), which was later renamed Beneventum by the Romans (today: Benevento). As the province of Benevento was the core of the ancient Samnite area, Samnium is mainly recognised as part of this zone today and is getting a more and more attractive tourist destination in the last few years...

Telese Lake
Matese Mountains
Cusano Mutri - one of the five most beautiful villages in Italy
Taburno Regional Park - also known as The Sleeper of Samnium because it looks like a long-haired sleeping woman
Century-old olive trees in Melizzano
Saint Nicholas Church in Circello
Vintage Reaping Machine
Falanghina Grape
Ancient public wash-house in Circello
The Sanctuary of Madonna del Roseto in Solopaca
Cerreto Sannita
Grassano Park in San Salvatore Telesino
Puglianello Castle
Park of the Ancient Jacobelli Spa in Telese Terme
Sts Peter and Paul Church in Pontelandolfo
Campolattaro Lake - WWF Reserve
Campolattaro Castle, XIII C.
Telese Spa Park


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